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Santa Barbara Blooms & Edible Flowers for Entertaining

Stunning flowers can truly be the ultimate compliment for any sort of event, be it large or small. When you have the perfect array of blooms placed strategically around your event space, you are going to be letting all of the guests in attendance know that you care about their experience. Today, there are more and more ways that you can create something special and unique for a dinner party or larger scale event by simply using flowers. Regional Santa Barbara blooms in season, such as edible flowers, just might be the perfect element to scintillate the senses.

Now more than ever, entertaining can be a way to celebrate special occasions with one another that goes well beyond some of the traditional holiday gatherings. People love to invent different reasons to gather and celebrate and it is simple and fun to add flowers to entertaining space, menu or tablescape. Flowers have a sensorial quality, allowing them to enhance any celebration, whether it is intimate or sprawling. Not only that, but flowers can be a easy and uncomplicated way that you can decorate or make a statement. Choosing the perfect bouquet for a gift to give to a hostess, a spray for a table at a dinner party or sugared flowers to add to your dessert course are all ways that you can bring your event to a whole new level.

Tabletop Flower Arrangements

What you should know is that patterned fabrics or unexpected pairings can be a wonderful look for a party table and the flowers can bring it all together. The perfect table cloth or runner with an exquisite way to create a breathtaking look on a table whether you are hosting an intimate dinner party with friends or you are looking to bring the entire family together for a holiday meal. Think of a solid tablecloth in your favorite color, topped with a damask table runner and then an arrangement of Matilija Poppies native to Santa Barbara. This is a stunning flower in showy white that is sure to spark conversation around the table.

Don’t Forget To Stock The Flowers Along With The Bar

Did you know that a common mistake that is made while planning out flowers for a celebration or event is simply forgetting to add in filler or stock flowers? These are flowers and greens that are a lovely choice to add something special to a space that would otherwise be empty. Simple consideration of some floral staples can really bring a breath of fresh air to any party planning endeavor. Ferns, baby’s breath or sprays of flowers such as Sea Lavender or Kangaroo Paw can be exactly what is needed to make the space feel full and rich to delight all of your guests. Even if you are on a bit of a tight budget, these are all amazingly affordable options that will make it look as though you have spent a fortune on the party planning details.

Edible Flower Tips And Tricks

The use of edible flowers when you are entertaining can add a great deal of color and whimsy to your entire presentation. Because edible floral pieces are not something that you may necessarily see every day, they can also be an incredible conversation starter with your guests. Taking a few hints from top caterers in the Santa Barbara area, the edible flower is the perfect way to make any gathering extraordinary.

Never use flowers that are treated with any pesticides or other chemicals.

If you are unable to use flowers that you have grown yourself, talk with your local Santa Barbara nursery about your options in beautiful and chemical free edible flowers.

Try to take into consideration if you are going to be hosting any guests who have asthma or aversions to pollen as you never want to trigger an allergic reaction.

There are some edible flowers that you should only eat the petals because the other portions could be toxic or bitter.

Some of the different flowers that are edible and perfect for adding something special to your menu include violet, pansy, allium, sweet woodruff, lilac, nasturtium, lavender, scented geranium and rose.

How To Use Edible Flowers 

Flower butter can be made while blending your choice of blooms with softened butter. Simply mix well and then wrap the butter mixture into a log using plastic wrap, then refrigerate.

Freezing edible flowers in ice cubes for placement in specialty cocktails or punch is a beautiful touch.

Edible flowers can be added into your salads or even used as a garnish on your favorite dessert, including cakes, tarts or sorbet.

You can make candied edible flowers by simply brushing an egg white wash on each petal, then using super fine sanding sugar for a light dusting.

No matter what you have coming up on the calendar for your next special event or gathering, you do have a wealth of options available to you when you want to make it extra special using flowers. The rich Santa Barbara landscape lends itself to some of the most stunning flowers and plants that are sure to please your guests and make for a truly memorable setting. The next time that you are getting ready to put together a dinner party, holiday gathering, wedding or some other special occasion celebration, you do have a long list of options and plenty of incredible floral varieties that you can choose from in and around the Santa Barbara area.

Guest Blogger: Jonathan Leger

Jonathan Leger is a sponsored member of the Garden Writer’s Association and a gardening enthusiast. He runs a small site dedicated to the history, education and care of a variety of roses at



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