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Hello Future Hospitality Hero!
Please fill out the information below and submit your test answers by downloading and reading the Staff Information. We will get back to you once we've added you to the staff roster. We're looking forward to staffing you! 
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Waitstaff Quiz: Part 1

Waitstaff Quiz: Part 2

You will need to watch a short video for Part 2 of the quiz. Please copy and paste this link: into another page in your browser. Then enter the password: purejoy 

As you watch the video on packing, please answer the following questions:

If you're only applying for the waitstaff position, scroll to the bottom to submit your answers or click HERE. If you're applying for Bar Staff, please continue answering the questions below, then submit. 

Bar Staff Quiz:

Thank you for taking the quiz! Now, submit your Answers and we will get back to you soon.