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Center of Attention

Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, one thing is certain. On your wedding day you will be the center of attention. All eyes are on you, unless you are out of sight and there’s a delicious plate of Pure Joy Catering farm fresh food in front of them! In that case, your guests will be enjoying their dinner and your Center Pieces may become the Center of Attention. What kind center piece will you choose?

There are important details to remember when choosing your table centerpieces. For example, how will you be serving your food? Will it be coursed and plated? Family Style? Buffet? Stations? A combination of stations and plated? The attention to this particular detail is important. You need to plan and consider how much table space you’ll need so you don’t run out of room. Family Style for example requires more space and a simple center piece may be the way to go. 

We’ve catered tons of weddings because we’re great at it and along the way we’ve come across some awesome and unique center pieces. Some people like to DIY, some like it elaborate, some are simple, others want to add height. This is the fun part of planning a wedding and it’s interesting to watch styles change throughout the years. The world and your center piece are your oysters!

What type of mood do you want to evoke and portray through your center piece style?

Light & Airy

Big, Bold and Beautiful

Summery and Breezy

Fun and Energetic

Tuscan Country

Shabby Sheik



Have fun with it and we’ve posted some images of previous weddings with an awesome variety of center pieces. Check out our Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook for more ideas.


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